■ Our history

Law firm, AfrikaBlue LawFirm professional civil society of lawyers (SCPA), its culture and philosophy is inspired by the first African Commercial Empire, which had a remarkable network of correspondents on caravan routes, allowing innovation for growth and development, this, to build a unique and innovative organization and business strategies.

AfrikaBlue LawFirm, inspired by this African culture of excellence, is a law firm that combines sophisticated and agile local advice with international experience supported by an international network of partner law firms in Africa, Europe, the United States and Asia, and consortia of skills, allowing it to offer assistance in different activities, assistance, a global structuring of projects for its clients and thus secure their contractual relations, or resolve their disputes, in different jurisdictions, thanks to its openness to the world.

The lawyers of AfrikaBlue LawFirm, are members of several local and international professional associations focused on legal practice.