■ Expertise

Whether a company is Congolese or African with local and/or international activity or a foreign company established in the Republic of Congo or in a member state of CEMAC, ECCAS or more broadly, of the OHADA area, AfrikaBlue LawFirm can assist them everywhere in the world.

Driven by a dynamic and innovative vision of legal expertise in a constantly changing economic world, AfrikaBlue LawFirm supports companies and managers in the realization and success of their projects.

The AfrikaBlue LawFirm treats each project from the perspective of the company’s strategy, its growth and its development, with inventive, accessible and efficient solutions.

To face, alongside its clients, the most complex issues, the approach of AfrikaBlue LawFirm concentrates transversal expertise, experience and technicality, to find adapted solutions in different areas of law:
  • Raw materials, natural resources;
  • Company’s rights, merger acquisition, restructuring,
  • Bancassurance, Finance, Private Equity;
  • Project Financing, Public Private Partnership (PPP’S);
  • Taxation and customs law;
  • Social Law and Social Protection;
  • Telecoms, Technology, Fintech;
  • Agribusiness, Forests, environment;
  • Multimodal Transport;
  • Real estate transactions & Wealth management;
  • Litigation & Arbitration